Holiday Gifts!

We have gifts for the Food and Wine lover in your life! And… shipping not required! All of our gifts can be purchased online and are available for pick up. No delivery worries!

Serving the Biggest Crowd

Did you know our gift cards can be used at any of our restaurants? Yes! Buy a card, and use it at Jet, Rex, OR Ynez! Or all 3!


Feed Your Southern Soul

Want a little comfort in this rough year? Our gift-wrapped and ready-to-please Pimento cheese OR Crawfish Potpie (heat and serve) from Rex 1516 are the answer! Add a to-go cocktail to feed *your* soul, too.


Dr. Jill’s (soon-to-be) World Famous Inauguration Wine Pack

Well, our Dr. Jill created this pack as a biographical homage to our incoming President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! It comes with a “Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia” ornament, and information on just why these wines were selected!

We have plenty of additional wine gift packs waiting just for you! And you may as well throw in some cheese.


Make a Fresh Start

Whether you want to start off your day or night, it is always right with some fresh juice-mixers from Cafe Ynez! Order our Mango Mint, Blood Orange, or Blackberry Thyme and open a bottle of your favorite spirit! May we recommend tequila? Oh, starting the day? A little sparkling wine never hurts…

South of the Border Collab Menu

December 10th and 11th, $55 for two. Add Booze!

Café Ynez and Jet Wine Bar are partnering with El Merkury and Jezabel’s for a one-of-kind “South of the Border” tasting menu! What is the connection? These restaurants are all woman owned and fabulous, of course!

Sofia, Jezabel, and Jill invite you to pre-order this 3-course menu serving tastes of Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina. Add some wine or margarita’s from Jet and you’ve got a celebration! Your meal will come with heating instructions, just heat and serve!

What’s for dinner???

First course: Mini Pupusas with Chicharron or Quesillo & Bean
Second course: Taco Platter with Chicken Pibil or Adobo Cauliflower
Third course: Passionfruit Pavlova

Pre-orders, only. Orders must be placed by 10am the day before you intend to pick up
Pick up is at Jet Wine Bar (1525 South Street) on Thursday 12/10, 3-7pm and Friday 12/11, 3-7pm

Don’t forget something to drink and breakfast for the morning!

This is the first in a series of tasting menus supported by Let’s Talk Philadelphia. This is an alliance of women restaurateurs across the city, jointly promoting our sustainable success through the pandemic, and beyond. We are proudly collaborative and supportive, and are stronger together.

Let’s Talk is a national collaboration – across 10 cities – of over 200 women restaurateurs, founded five months ago by Chicago’s Rohini Dey, Ph.D., owner of Vermilion, with the goal of bringing together women restaurateurs for collaborative action and support. Let’s Talk is a part of the James Beard Foundation Women’s Leadership Program.

How we do Hamilton

Hamilton: an American Musical has hit Philly. But you probably knew that!

What you may not have known is that Sojourn Philly offers two ways to keep the fun going – or join in if you haven’t seen the show!

Rex 1516

Rex is your home for southern food and hospitality, just off the Avenue of the Arts, and just a 15 minute walk from the Forrest Theatre.

Dine with us for favorites like Crawfish Potpie, Fried Chicken, or our award-winning Pimento Burger, and be sure to have the Divine Rebuke to Human Pomposity. This cocktail is inspired directly by an essay (of the same name) that Hamilton wrote regarding the harmonious balance alcohol provided to the whims of nature (namely, hurricanes).

Jet Wine Bar

Jet is your global vineyard! We are located across the street from Rex 1516, also a 15 minute walk from the Forrest Theatre.

At Jet, we are celebrating Hamilton AND our love of Pennsylvania wines! All October long, we’ll highlight the Commonwealth’s vinous bounty, while connecting our local wines to a statesman with local connections, Alexander Hamilton.  Enjoy wines and fun facts associated with Hamilton: his role preventing the secession of “Westsylvania” (no, really!) whilst the first Secretary of the Treasury, his job as aid to General Washington when the Brits took Philly, and his special connection to the Liberty Bell. This “tour” is available as a flight of 4 wines for $20, all month long. Featured wineries  include Fero Vineyards, Stony Run Winery, and Penns Woods Winery.

Vegan Restaurant Week and Sojourn Philly

Join us for Vegan Restaurant Week at ALL of our restaurants!

Philly’s first-ever Vegan Restaurant Week is happening September 16th-22nd, and we are happy to participate with an individual, vegan dish at Cafe Ynez, Rex 1516, and Jet Wine Bar. Proceeds benefit the Peace Advocacy Network.

So, what will you find?

 Vegan Burrito: sauteed shallots, corn, whole black beans, baby spinach, pico de gallo, avocado, & quinoa in a wheat flour tortilla w/side ensalada verde $9
Our Vegan Burrito is available everyday, but during VRW, $1.50 from each burrito will go to Peace Advocacy Network.



Vegan Mediterranean Dip Trio: muhammara & two types of hummus, toasted pita, fresh veggies, & olives $15
This is a special take on this tasty trio. We’ll give $3 from each Trio sold to the Peace Advocacy Network.


Red Beans and Rice: Carolina Gold rice, tomato-braised Sea Island red peas, and scallions $10
Chef Swain knows Rice & Beans, and during VRW we’ll donate $2 from each dish sold of this special recipe to the Peace Advocacy Network.

Who Has Philly’s Best Burger?

We Do!

Rex 1516 has always had the best burger, IMHO, but now it is official.

Congratulations to Rex 1516 Executive Chef Justin Swain, whose kitchen consistently makes a burger that people crave.

Will you be our Valentine?

Tacos, caviar, cured meats and cheese… where can you get this and more on Valentine’s Day? At Cafe Ynez, Rex 1516, and Jet Wine Bar, of course.

BYO tequila or wine (or anything you want!) to Cafe Ynez for flavors of Mexico City and try our Valentine’s Day specials:

  • Chicken al Pastor Tacos……$8
    Marinated Chicken, Queso Fresco, Cilantro, Radish, lime, & jalapeno salsa on 2 soft corn tortillas.
  • Salmon……$17
    Pan-seared Salmon on Cannelloni Bean Ragout & Fennel Salad
  • Cordero……$18
    Pan-Roasted Rack of Lamb, Pimiento Romesco, parsely & micro greens

Feeling fancy and want a bit of Southern Comfort? Then Rex 1516 is for you.

  • Crawfish Arancini $8
  • Celery Root Soup $10
    Smoked maitakes, crispy celery root, Three Springs farm apples
  • Pan-seared Salmon $23
    Hopping John, collard pesto
  • Fried Chicken & Caviar $50
    Fried half-chicken, paddlefish & tobiko caviars, chive biscuits, Alabama white bbq sauce, cucumbers
  • Triple-Chocolate Cake $9
    Dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate frosting, Chocolate cookie crumble

Yes, of course there will be Specialty Cocktails

  • Jack Rose $9
    apple brandy, rye, lemon, house-made grenadine
  • Velvet Slipper $11
    Raspberry brandy, crème de cacao, cream, shaved chocolate
  • Seelbach $10
    Bourbon, angostura & Peychaud’s bitters, sparkling wine

Thinking Pink? Jet Wine Bar is the place to be.

Jet will have appetizers perfectly paired with pink wines:

  • Sea Scallops with a grapefruit gastrique & bacon $12pairs perfectly with Via de la Plata Sparkling Brut Rose Cava, Spain $10
  • Lamb Sliders, pomegranate glaze, spicy slaw $13pairs perfectly with Vina Real Rose Rioja Alavesa Rioja $9
  • Charcuterie and Artisnal cheese plate, chef’s choice $15pairs perfectly with Escudo Real Rose Minho Vinho Verde $9

Like your wine in flights? Flight of all 3 for $14

All Valentine specials are available a la carte, full menus also available. We can’t wait to see you!

New Year’s Eve with Sojourn!

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Join us! Whatever your plans, we have something for you.

How does eggnog and crawfish deviled eggs, or a French 75 and chicken and caviar(!) sound? Then Rex 1516 is for you! Check the full menu here

Want ALL the bubbles and cheese (plus Chef Yasi’s cheese ball!)? How about Serbian Riesling and Italian Sausage Rolls? Then come out to Jet Wine Bar!

Perhaps you have your own bubbles? Then bring them to BYO Cafe Ynez to have with lobster brisket, filet of beef with cherry gastrique, or good old-fashioned tacos!


How we do Thanksgiving

Who likes a parade? Philly held the first (of course) Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1920*. Of course the parade is often followed by… food! Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite food holidays. So, how do we celebrate after the parade? In lots of different ways, it seems. We asked our restaurant family how *they* celebrate Thanksgiving. This is what we learned:

Jill and Evan often celebrate with friends and reserve the Christmas holidays for family. What is on the menu? Anything and everything. Evan has made house-ground chestnut-flour ravioli (pro tip: just buy the damn chestnut flour!), paella, roast turkey, agnolotti – you name it. Jill finds wine to pour, which always changes, but which inevitably includes that Piedmontese gem, Arneis. Why? It is crisp enough for aperitivo, and its full flavor and creamy texture stand up to most foods you can throw at it, Her favorite is the Ceretto Langhe Arneis Blange. Find it if you can.

But, when it comes to traditional food, it is Jill’s mom’s turkey gravy that stands out. How does she make it? Well, sort of by feel.


Chef Yasi celebrates the holiday with her family and, as befits the chef, makes the stuffing! Do you want to make her all-full-of-goodness-and-love apple and onion dressing? Well you can because she gave us the recipe.



So, let’s see, there is “dressing”, “stuffing”, and… “filling”? Yep! That isn’t the most commonly-made Thanksgiving distinction, but Heather’s Mom’s “filling” (for filling *your* stomach, of course, and not the birds’!) does the trick. DO NOT ask her to eat the stuffing, she is not a fan of the offal (yum! giblets!).







If you happen to be with Qamara and her family, chances are you’ll be playing a lot of games – but Qamara won’t be competing, or anything. Nope. Not Qamara. Never.

You will also be eating. What will you be eating? Probably her Mom’s hand-made rolls. How does she make them? Looks like we’ll have to get that out of her next time… maybe we’ll challenge her to a game?

Not everyone goes “home” to eat, even if they go see the folks. If Heather isn’t having her share of “filling”, find her and her family out at Penang. Justin, too, spends the night on the town – er, Stadt. You’ll find them at the Cannstatter Club (Cannstatter Volksfest Verein), eating this club’s German influenced, but also traditional, feast. I see schnitzel, and pickled beets with onions, yes, but also roast turkey (with giblet gravy!) and Virginia ham. But wait, there’s more! Karaoke and Bingo are also on the agenda! Watch out, Family Swain, when Qamara finds out about the bingo she may crash the party 😉


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



*Photo from Special Collections Research Center. Temple University Libraries. Philadelphia, PA, information sourced here

All About the Adult Science Fair

Sojourn Philly’s first annual Adult Science Fair was a rousing success! The event – in partnership with NextFab and the University City Science Center – was held on October 22nd at the PHS Pop Up Garden at UCity Square. This year’s theme was “Urban Sustainability” and we had six entrants with projects ranging from backyard vermiculture to global-impact ectomycorrhizal fungus innoculants.


Our participants (in alphabetical order):

  • Jonathon Cheng and Kimberly Goins – Project: Reclamation of City Greywater to Relieve Burden on Urban Water Demand
  • Mark Goldstein, Jordan Strauss, Zach Dahm, Chris Yerger – Project: Orchard, a self-contained home hydroponic garden that will allow anyone to grow vegetables quickly, easily, and organically
  • Kevin Huang – Project: Zero Waste using Vermiculture to Process
  • Dr. Carol Janerette and Dozie Mbonu – Project: Dr. Janerette’s Eco-Friendly Fungi, to sustainably solve agriculture, forestry, and environmental challenges.
  • Luciano Murta – Project: WaveBlock, a modular construction system to easily deploy temporary shelters for disaster relief and other structures.
  • Ryan Simms, Mahesh Patel, and Stephen Malkowicz – Project:  Vert Turbine, a patented wind turbine that takes advantage of existing infrastructure and composite materials to reduce costs by 70%.

Entrants displayed their projects to the public and to the judges. The public was asked to vote for a “People’s Choice Winner”, with the winner optionally receiving a bottle of either Blue Coat Gin or Penn 1681 Vodka, both made by local, Philadelphia Distilling. With over 60 votes cast for both 1st and 2nd place, we had a tie! Congratulations to WaveBlock and Orchard!

Our judges winner – and the $1000 cash prize – went to Dr. Janerette and her Eco-Friendly Fungi. Congratulations!


The fair was inspiring to the public and to participants, alike – and not just to our $1000 winner!  Overall, participants and the public enjoyed several hours of viewing, socializing, and chatting about Urban Sustainability.

Participant Ryan Simms wowed audiences at the Fair, itself, but got even wider exposure for his project from the on-site visit by Justin Odu of Philly’s KYW station. Justin’s interview was heard on KYW 1060, and was also featured on CBS3. Find both – and more photos – here.

Luciano Murta, one of our “People’s Choice” winners, explained that he was happy to get feedback for his work, and summed up his fulfillment in participating on the Fair with a picture of a little girl playing with his Waveblock construction.

For Kevin Huang, talking with so many other people interested in science and urban sustainability proved inspiring for moving forward with his own future projects combining science and art.

Drexel University students Kimberly Goins and Jonathon Cheng presented their project on cost-effective (plans) to by funneling grey-water into non-potable uses at the household level. While they did not win a prize, Goins noted that, regardless, she was there to share her passion for urban sustainability. And that was a success!


Dia de Muertos at Cafe Ynez

Dia de Muertos is a trio of days honoring ancestors and remembering the souls of the dead. It is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd. The Mexican holiday has evolved from its original, Aztec origin, but still involves feasting and dancing, as well as visits to graves and cemeteries, costumes and decorations.

We’ll be celebrating the Day of the Dead on November 2nd, with foods that speak to Puebla and Mexico City – the traditional home of the holiday and its Aztec roots.

Join us on the 2nd and try one (or all!) of these special dishes:

Classic Pumpkin Soup   $10
with crispy onions and parsley
Savor this Sopa de Calabaza, knowing that pumpkin comes from Mexico.

Lomo de Cerdo    $15
Pork loin served with a sweet potato puree and swiss chard
Spaniards brought pork to Mexico, but defeños make it all their own


Romeritos de Branzino    $14
With mole, red bliss potatoes, watercress
Enjoy romeritos – a needle-shaped green with flavor similar to spinach – with its classic counterpart, mole.


Want to know more about our chef? Read here!